All in on Walton VS. Common Sense

First off, i dont dislike Luke Walton...I think he is a knowledgeable coach who has enough playing and coaching experience to be on a sideline for the foreseeable future.

However, this is not about Walton. This is about a front office keeping someone who is WOEFULLY underperforming when it comes to their current job AND when their is PLENTY of evidence to say "you know, this isnt working for us...we are going in another direction"

Couple of reasons; 1. Has NEVER had a winning record as a head coach, minus when he coached the Warriors in Kerrs absence when they went 25-0 to start a season. However, a steaming pile of rhinoceros dung could have coached that team to and it would have had the same exact record in my opinion, since it is one of the best teams we have seen in the NBA in the last 50 years. 2. Go back and look at the Lakers roster for the years he was there....way better then the Kings rosters at any point since he has been in Sac and didnt make the playoffs ONCE....and its the LAKERS!!!!! 3. He is 41 years old!!!!! Now, we have seen pro sports teams give shots to young guys...but not young guys who have coached and have had terrible records to start out.

Again, i dont want to bash him as a coach or person and get upset(Ive been a Kings fan for 30+ years...i stopped being upset a while back...haha) but there is plenty of evidence he should NOT be a head NBA coach. In fact, there is no evidence to tell some reasonable person he SHOULD be an NBA head coach.....and that is on the front office. If there was a meeting about keeping or firing him didnt some exec ask "other than his record with the warriors(see steaming dung pile comment), what evidence can you show me that says "this is a good and effective coach and leader of an NBA team??"

I mean there was the two extended losing streaks this season.....which SHOULD have triggered a firing. Maybe not the first, but DEFINITELY the second. Then there was the 50 point loss to the Jazz. I could have seen letting him finish out the season and then parting ways, but coming out and saying "we are keeping him" just tells me that either the front office has ZERO power and does what ownership wants(never a recipe for success), or that THEY arent very good at their jobs.

Now they will look really stupid if next year if the Kings come out, get behind in the Western Conference and look destined for another playoff-less season, and THEN fire him....since you could have done it now. That would just prove more incompetency. They only saving grace is if Walton SOMEHOW puts a winning product on the floor and the kings make the playoffs....but he has never taken a team to the playoffs so what evidence do we have that THAT will ever happen.......answer: NONE!!

My bet.....another Kings team that isnt good enough to make the playoffs, but not bad enough to get a quality draft pick....and so the woes of Kings fans continue.

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