Just talking Kings

Sitting around with Kings fans and talking about next season, some things have surfaced that help with the landscape of the Kings in 2021-22. 1. Walton will be coach: Is he the best? For now that is who some of the key players want so YES. 2. The roster--this is where we talked the most. As we saw it: starter (S) bench (B) and role (R), understanding that some players can play at different spots when needed. Also the cost of that player some what. Here is what we came up with for 2021-2022

PG Cost $38.148m

(S) Fox $28m

(B) Wright $8.5m

(R) Ramsey $1.5m

SG Cost $5.8m + Davis contract (we felt $2-3m)

(S) Haliburton $4m

(B) Davis $2-3m

(R) James $1.7m

PF Cost $21.8m + Harkless contract (we felt $4-5m)

(S) Barnes $20m

(B) Harkless $4-5m

(R) Woodard $1.5m

PF Cost $13.07m + King contract (we felt $1.7m)

(S) Bagley $11.3m

(B) Metu $1.7m

(R) King $1.7m

C Cost $2m + Holmes and another player (we felt Holmes is $15m plus the other player)

(S) Holmes $15m

(B) Jones $2m

(R) ????

Now looking at this, one player is not shown--Hield (not that Hield is a bad player). We didn't see where he fit in. Plus his cost. Haliburton is who we wanted at starting SG with Fox. Hield doesn't want to be a bench player and would bring problems and a high cost. So that started he is the trade player. That high cost ($22.5m) and wanting a young player for the future, some moves would be needed. The biggest opening is Holmes, having to resign him and the open amount he might draw. Names like Turner $18m, Sabonis $18.5m and Anunoby $16m came up. We felt a trade would take something more than just Hield to do one of these trades. Our first was a pick swap with the Pacers (9 for 13), our second was a large number of players for a Bagley/Hield trade for a Sabonis??? player with a swap of picks. Anunoby would take a lot more work as a pick swap would not help them, it might take the pick as well.

The feeling is Hield doesn't fit anymore and costs a ton. That cost will hurt the Kings somewhere (Holmes, poor cheap players at center, or a bad locker room) plus a higher draft pick will cost the Kings who with this roster would be at the cap, a $5-6m draft pick would push them over.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. The one thing for sure is it will cost the Kings for signing Hield to a big contract no matter what they do. Our answer is to pay the price now and move on.

We want to hear what your ideas are, not that ours are bad. We know they are!

(This is a FanPost from a member of the Sactown Royalty community. The views expressed come from the member, and not Sactown Royalty staff.)