Is anyone displeased with CWebb getting into the HOF?

Grant (Peaches) Napear isn’t happy at all. He always figured he would get inducted like Mike Gorman who broadcasts the Celtics who will be inducted with Webber next year. But Napear resigned from his job in disgrace and the only honor for him is the Hall of Shame. DeMarcus Cousins gave him the nudge with his question asking Peaches what he thought about BLM. Grant’s response was the go-to response by all those opposing the BLM movement. Former King Matt Barnes chipped in labeling Grant a closet racist. Webber followed up by saying that the current Kings players know who Napear is.

Later Doug Christie said on his radio show that he felt bad for his friend and he was the only member of the organization to lend any support at all. Napear tried to blame Doug for his gaffe by calling Christie a coward.

Christie now hosts the afternoon show while Napear tries to continue his media career with an obscure podcast from Miami. Now that is Social Justice!

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