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Which game is the most important in a playoff series?

The latest Reacts survey attempts to answer.

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2020 NBA Finals - Game Three Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

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The Kings tried to make a go for the play-in despite being without their starting backcourt for the final two weeks of the season. As it turns out, the issue of player availability hasn’t gone away.

The biggest story throughout the NBA during these playoffs has been how teams try to adjust after key injuries. Some of the game’s biggest stars have been hit by injuries as their teams fight through opening-round matchups.

According to NBA fans around the league, the most costly injury has been to Los Angeles Lakers’ star Anthony Davis. The big man was picked by 31 percent of fans, beating out Dallas Mavericks star Luka Dončić with 23 percent, though Dončić’s neck strain looked much better in Game 5.

Every game in the NBA playoffs feels like the most important of the season, but some are clearly more important than others. 43 percent of fans believe winning Game 4 when down in the series 2-1 is the most crucial “must-win” game, beating out strictly elimination games, which was picked by 36 percent of fans.

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