What the hell!!

After waiting to see what the Kings can do in the draft, after last year. Reading all the possibilities of power forwards and centers, and the possible trade with the Lakers. Thursday started off with high possibilities.

Well somethings never change, the Lakers used the Kings to get Harrell to opt in, with the idea he would/could be the starter for the Kings, only to be traded to the Wizards for Westbrook. Wow big surprise the Lakers screwed/used the Kings.

The Kings drafted a point guard (who may be great) but is 6’-1" to a squad of 7 Point/ Shooting guards according to Spotrac, plus a qualifying offer to another. A little good the #39 pick was what I felt the Kings needed a Chuck Hayes type who can push the other bigs out of the paint.

So the day of possibilities, became a day of you couldn’t see that coming, (James met with Westbrook in LA) and more questions of what the hell are the KINGS doing.

I can say this to Monte McNair (MM), I put on hold buying tickets and NBA pass because MM can mean ..... Micky Mouse too!

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