No-Maybe-Yes Way

With all the rumors of trade this guy for ??? guy, I felt that there are players who I feel NO WAY trade them, Maybe trade them and Yes trade them.

The Kings need some new players and sometimes those new players have to replace players that are not bad, but just not working right in this situation.


Fox, Haliburton, Barnes, and the #9 draft pick

Fox is ready for that all-star year.

Haliburton looks to be an all-star as well.

Barnes--There is a reason other play-off teams want him . . . period.

#9 pick--Do your damn homework and find a player.


The #39 draft pick.

This statement is the Kings have a ton of young Players that fit the budget and would be happy with their contract and roles on the Kings: Metu, Jones, Woodard, James, Wright, Ramsey, King, and if the Kings can re-sign them, Harkless and Davis.

To trade them away would be as a filler for a player that moves up to NO WAY trade.


Here are players that just don’t fit or don’t re-sign (some of you are not going to like me). The Kings had the worst defense in the league. After watching most to all the games, I feel these players should move on or be traded. But for sure they need to not be on the Kings next year.

Holmes, Bagley, Hield, Whiteside and Guy

Holmes: I know he plays with great heart, but Holmes gets pushed out and boxed out by the big centers of the league. Doesn’t shoot 3’s well and has to foul to stop faster smaller players.

Bagley: He just need a new home. He never was the guy, that’s not fair to him but after the drama, who cares!!

Hield: This is hard, he is just paid too much for what he can’t do, and what he can do, he is inconsistent. With Haliburton he really doesn’t have a place with the Kings.

Whiteside and Guy didn’t prove to make a difference when they played. New players might do more.

There has been a team (LAKERS) that seems to throw away (trade) good young players that become all-stars for their win now mind set. I heard of a trade idea with them for Hield…no-maybe-yes way?

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