Just thinking out loud

Ok just thinking out loud.

The Kings need to trade Hield and Bagley for different reasons, but they need to be traded. Looking around the NBA for a team to trade with, that has a player that could help the Kings and fit the budget, I found an idea.

Kevin Love, Ok hear me out before "the hell NO!" Love has two years’ left and his contract 21-22 is $31,258,256. And $28,942,830 for 22/23. Hield and Bagley total $33,789,387 for 21/22 a savings of $2,531,131 in 21/22. In 2022/23 is where the problem is if you don’t put in for Bagley salary there is a loss of -$8,420,103 of Hield’s contract alone, if you add Bagley’s (estimate) $14,700,000 there is a savings of $6,279,897. Then 2023/24 there is a savings of $18,568,182 as Love’s contract is over as is Bagley the only contract left is Hield’s.

Cleveland wants to trade Kevin Love and the Kings want to trade Hield and Bagley. Cleveland might do the trade. Love is a power forward/small ball center who could be more help than Hield and Bagley, plus the money works.

Just thinking out loud. What do you think?

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