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The Sacramento Kings’ backcourt has bulked up this offseason

An NBA offseason tradition has continued this offseason in Sacramento.

Miami Heat v Sacramento Kings Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Offseason muscle watch for players in the NBA is something that has become increasingly prevalent. Modern NBA training regimens and advanced focus on functional strength have made the weight gains a storyline at most NBA training camps this time of year.

Both of the Sacramento Kings’ two main franchise pillars, De’Aaron Fox and Tyrese Haliburton, told reporters that they gained weight this offseason during their first media session of the season on Monday.

Fox said that he’s added almost 30 lbs to his frame since getting drafted in 2017. Fox weighed in at 169.6 lbs at the NBA combine before his draft, meaning he is currently hovering around the 200-pound range.

Looking at pictures of Fox as a rookie and this offseason with the picture he posted two weeks ago working out with 100-pound dumbells and it’s evident that Fox is a different guy physically.

Haliburton on the other hand mentioned that he has added 10 pounds of bulk this offseason. Haliburton entered the league at 185 lbs, extremely slight for a tall 6’5 frame, and with those gains is now also near that 200 lbs mark.

For Haliburton especially, adding weight is going to be a huge factor in his development in the next few years. Adding some extra weight will help Haliburton in improving as an isolation scorer well as a guy that can swing upwards positionally and guard certain small forwards, both areas that Haliburton struggled in as a rookie.

As a franchise, the Kings are heavily leveraged going forward on the success of their young backcourt of the future. And both Fox and Haliburton as naturally skinny guys will need to continue to add weight going forward.