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Harrison Barnes says ‘consistency’ will be key to building on ‘familiarity’

Barnes spoke to the media ahead of his third full season in Sacramento

Sacramento Kings v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

With training camp set to begin in less than a week, Kings players have begun to report back to Sacramento and speak with the media. On Tuesday, Harrison Barnes became the latest player to speak, touching on how consistency is a key for the team heading into the season.

“Like I said a lot last year, what’s going to be a key for us this year is our consistency,” Barnes said. “How can consistent can we be night in, night out? It starts now with our practices, with us getting in the gym and keeping that consistent effort going into camp.”

For a team that had good stretches in 2021-22, but also had two separate nine-game losing streaks, the consistency Barnes eluded to is going to be a major key during the season.

Barnes also mentioned that the team should have a strong sense of familiarity, with its core of players staying largely the same in recent years.

“I’m obviously happy with everyone we have. In terms of roster construction and things like that, that’s more upper office, but for the most part, we have guys who have familiarity,” Barnes said. “We know what we’re trying to do, we have that chemistry, so it’s just continuing to build on that.”

Barnes is coming off of arguably his strongest NBA season where he averaged 16.1 points and shot 39.1% from three. With the Kings lacking guys at the wing spot, Barnes is sure to play a big role on the team once again this season.