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Rumor: Kings have made Harrison Barnes, Richaun Holmes available

The Kings reportedly would like to build around De’Aaron Fox and Tyrese Haliburton

Boston Celtics v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Sacramento Kings insider James Ham had some insights on the team’s goals this trade deadline in his most recent article on The Kings Beat.

The most notable thing from there is the fact that the Kings don’t appear likely to trade either Tyrese Haliburton or De’Aaron Fox barring some crazy godfather offer.

“McNair isn’t holding a “going out of business sale.” It’s more of a “ski swap.” Core players like Buddy Hield, Harrison Barnes and Richaun Holmes are available according to a source with knowledge of the situation. The hope is that there are different combinations of players that somehow fit better with Fox and Haliburton.”

Seeing Barnes or Hield’s name here should not be surprising, but it’s definitely curious that Holmes is also listed here. Holmes just signed a team-friendly four-year $46 Million contract and could be a great fit on good teams like the Dallas Mavericks or Toronto Raptors.

Aside from Fox and Haliburton, it is hard to see what player on the Kings is fetching you some amazing player. In that sense, it makes sense to have pretty much everyone else on the roster available.

It would be extremely dangerous for the Kings to dangle out some unprotected picks in the future along with Haliburton and Fox unless the Kings are getting something really substantial in return.

The Kings are at 18-29 and are about to embark on a difficult east coast road trip, so making any brash decisions that impact the future while chasing some level of short-term success would be unwise.

It’s clear there will be some personnel changes in the next few weeks, but it’s important that McNair and the front office thread the line between improving the talent base while also not mortgaging the future for short-term success.