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Report: Kings ‘hope’ De’Aaron Fox can return soon

The Kings got good news after De’Aaron Fox underwent an MRI for his injured knee.

Miami Heat v Sacramento Kings Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Good news Sacramento Kings fans: after De’Aaron Fox left last night’s game against the Charlotte Hornets — which resulted in the King’s second straight win — with what was said to be a knee injury, scans have shown there was no structural damage to his right knee.

This is extremely good news for the Kings, who are in the midst of a four-game road trip. Luckily for them, there are back-to-backs during this stretch and the team will have at least a day to rest between each matchup. Even if Fox doesn’t return for tomorrow’s rematch against the Miami Heat, he will have another two days before their following game against the struggling Orlando Magic.

When Fox was sidelined last night, the team showed that they have the ability to persevere and overcome a large deficit without the help of their leader, something many Kings fans — including myself — had doubts about to begin this season. As early as this season still is, it might not be a bad idea to let Fox rest until the final game of the road trip against Golden State. Neither the Heat nor the Magic look very good to start this season. This gives the Kings the chance to show what they are truly made of and that they don’t have to rely on Fox to win.

It’s worth noting that bone bruises can be tricky, and that while no two are alike, they can be more persistent than the word “bruise” makes them sound. Lakers guard Kendrick Nunn, for example, missed all of last season with the same type of injury after initially only being slated to be reevaluated two weeks post-injury. I pray that Fox’s isn’t this serious, but point this out to say that just because there is no significant damage doesn’t mean Fox will be back on the court soon. Hopefully, things go differently for the young star, though, and he is back and playing in All-Star caliber form soon enough.