Jaden Ivey Should've Been a King

It is official, the Kings should have drafted Jaden Ivey. He came to Sacramento and was basically unstoppable. No matter what the Kings did he was basically scoring at will. I think he did this because of the atmosphere in Sacramento. If Jaden Ivey was a King, every home game he would probably score like 40 points.

The Kings really dropped the ball by not drafting him. Keegan Murray is alright but for a big man he only get like 2 rebounds a game or something. It is cool that he can shoot the 3 ball but the Kings need some guy that can get at least a block and a half a game and 8 boards for his position. Based on what I seen so far the Kings really need Ivey badly. Maybe they can trade Murray for Ivey straight up.

Here is what the Kings roster should have been this year:

Fox PG

Ivey SG

Huerter SF

Barnes PF

Sabonis C

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