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What the Kings traded for besides talent

Sacramento traded for more than just a new roster.

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It is apparent to everyone that after the trade deadline, this Kings team is very different. Not only did they acquire a star in Domantas Sabonis, but also depth in man different areas.

They have a great rotation at guard with Donte DiVincenzo, Justin Holiday, and Jeremy Lamb now in the mix. They now have more than one reliable big and a couple others that could develop into talented role players. And they athletic lengthy wings that can play on both ends of the floor.

But what else is new to this team that Sacramento is unfamiliar with?

With the acquisition of Divincenzo, a player the Kings have tried to trade for in the past, Sacramento now has a small market player with championship experience.

In Milwaukee, Divincenzo was in a similar situation to the one he is in now. Obviously the Kings don’t have Giannis Antetokounmpo, but like the Bucks they are a team that has to grind and often rely on the development of the players they draft. Small market teams are almost never gifted a star in free-agency like the Lakers or Warriors. They have to work harder and play with a chip on their shoulder.

Sacramento’s equivalent to Giannis is no doubt De’Aaron Fox. They took a shot on him in the draft and by trading Haliburton have shown that he is the man they want to lead the team out of its current path.

By trading for a star like Sabonis, Fox now has what every great guard wants: a great big man, something he has never had in his tenure with the Kings. Even with little to no time to create chemistry the pair look in sync on the floor.

This Kings team is still very young. Giannis was an MVP candidate for years before he was finally able to bring the championship home. If the Kings give it time and trust the process, they could shock the world sooner than most people think.