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Richaun Holmes reacts to $25,000 fine following ejection

Sacramento’s biggest rival continues to be NBA officiating.

Chicago Bulls v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

On the heels of Saturday’s loss to the Utah Jazz in Salt Lake City, Sacramento Kings big man Richaun Holmes has become the latest player to suffer the financial repercussions of an ejection.

Holmes was fined $25,000 for throwing a ball into the stands on Saturday, which resulted in his ejection from the game. Here’s the statement from the NBA:

The incident in which Holmes was assessed a technical foul and ejected, occurred upon conclusion of the third quarter of the Kings’ 134-125 loss to the Utah Jazz on March 12 at Vivent Arena.

All in one week, NBA referees ejected and suspended Domantas Sabonis for two quick-fire, technical fouls leading to ejection. Monetary consequences? Nope. One-game suspension? Yes.

Fast forward two contests, Holmes “forcefully” throws the ball “into the spectator stands.” Suspension? Nope. $25,000 charge to Holmes’ tab? Absolutely.

Make it make sense, Secaucus.

In what has been abysmal viewing of referees on the NBA season at large, it truly seems that Sacramento always is on the receiving end of questionable consequences for realistic reactions to game play.

The best part might be that the players are just as hyperaware to the ridiculousness as the fans, with Holmes responding to the news of his charge on Twitter in true, Kings-fashion:

Followed a DeMarcus Cousins gif from the famous ‘it’s getting ridiculous’ post game interview given following a 50-piece:

It’s a tale as old as time in Sacramento, but whatever the NBA chooses to do next might be the last straw for Kings players and fans alike.