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Jason Williams would return to the Kings in a front office role: “I’d love to get in the organization.”

Is this the return of White Chocolate?

Jason Williams #55

If there was ever a fan favorite in Sacramento, it was Jason Williams. The key contributor to the Greatest Show on Court and the golden years of the Kings tenure in Sacramento was none other than White Chocolate: who dished dimes so beautiful they still make the rotation on NBA Twitter every once in a blue moon.

Now in his post-basketball years, Williams has gone on the record sharing that he would love to come back to the city that started it all in some way. Off the heels of his March Madness Powerade commercial “Power of Pause”, the now Florida resident has admitted that retirement is not all its cracked up to be, and he’s ready for a return to the association.

“I’m bored to death with my life. I’d love to have something to do. I play golf a lot – golf’s hard, it’s frustrating sometimes.” Williams said.

Could J-Will be the next name from the early 2000’s to come back to Sacramento and make good change? The track record for big names isn’t great - Vlade Divac and Peja Stojakovic leaving on their ‘own accord’ after failed attempts to re-build, while Doug Christie redeemed the 2002 WCF squad with his transition from broadcaster to assistant coach. Bobby Jackson is now thriving in his role as head coach of the Stockton Kings, and that leaves room for one more elbow-passing, high-flying body to complete the starting five.

For White Chocolate, Sacramento sounds pretty good:

“Anything to help Sacramento out the way they’ve helped me out… I’d love to get in the organization somehow.” Williams said. “I feel like these younger kids that are coming into the league need some advice from veterans that have worn their shoes before. If that happens to be in Sacramento, that’d be great.”

Likewise to Williams, his entrance into the organization would be mutually adored. The nuance in style on the court that he has to offer to a group including De’Aaron Fox and Davion Mitchell is delectable. White Chocolate could easily fit into a role as a player development coach or something of that nature.

“I’d love to be a part of some organization and if it happened to be Sacramento, that’d be awesome.”

So sooner or later, we might be seeing Jason in Golden 1 Center, on the Kings bench which would be a very fun, full circle moment for the franchise.