The process of renting a car is not easy. You have to evaluate several factors, including insurance policy, charges, etc. This article has discussed many factors that you must consider before renting a car. Please read on! South Florida Car Rental

Consider the Car Size

Do not forget to consider the car size while booking. Many companies offer varying sizes options ranging from compact to SUV. Plus, their definition of these terms might also vary. So it is essential to ask them about the car size if they have not already displayed the pictures on their online portal.

Mention Every Need While Placing the Order

You might want to add GPS or child seats (if you have kids) in your car. So it is important to mention everything while placing the order. Sometimes companies are short of such stuff, and they might not arrange it on terse notice.

We recommend you bring such stuff with you to avoid extra costs.

Airport Charges

If you want to get your rental car at the airport, get ready to pay extra charges. Rental companies tend to charge you a fortune when the car picks you up from the airport. So it is essential to get a cab to reach the spot and pick up the vehicle yourself.

Car Replacement Options

You can meet an accident or car break down while on the road. It is essential to inquire if you would get the car replacement option. Make sure to book a company that offers these options so that you can avoid ruining your trip.

Book Flight and Car Together

If you plan to rent your car right after you land at the airport, the wise practice will be to book both of them together. This way you can expect offers and discounts. Additionally, you can save a lot of your time.

Check Necessary Tools and Extra Key

You can have a flat tire anytime on the road. Thus, check the necessary tools such as spare tire and jack before you start your journey on the rental car to change the tire in case it goes flat. Palm Beach Car rental

Also, ask for an extra key in case you lose one.

Hold Charges

Do not forget the hold charges. Every company demands a few bucks for car security, which you get back after returning the car. So, before you rent a vehicle, add security charges to your budget.

Insurance Policy

Rental companies charge you for the insurance. However, if you already have auto insurance, you can confirm if they will cover rental car insurance. If not, you still have another option: insurance via credit card. To get this offer, you will require paying your whole rent through a credit card. This way, you can avoid extra charges that the company might impose on you.

Things to Avoid When you rent a Car

Here are some of the factors that you must avoid to save yourself from any hassle in the future:

Crossing International Border

Some companies do not allow you to cross the borders with their rental cars. Also, your US car insurance is invalid in other countries. You might get in trouble if you happen to do it. Your rental contract, insurance and other sources will become invalid. Thus, it is crucial to go through the company policies and act accordingly. Fort Lauderdale Car Rentals

Adding Extra Driver

Some people tend to add an extra driver without knowing that rental companies charge extra for the additional driver. You will also have to pay liability insurance on that driver, and it costs you a fortune.

Returning without Cleaning

Returning the car without cleaning it might cost you a lot. So it is vital to do a thorough cleaning of the vehicle to save you from any financial trouble.

Ignoring Small Companies

Many people believe that only big companies can offer you better services. However, that is not true. Some companies provide exceptional services at relatively affordable prices. Thus, the intelligent practice is to do deep research on different companies and make the final decision.

Advantages of Renting a Car

Following are some of the advantages of renting a car instead of buying one:


If you do not need a car every day, the better option is to rent a car whenever you need it instead of buying one. This way, you can save yourself from the hassle of maintenance and insurance charges.

Perfect Option for International Travel

Rental cars are the perfect option for people who have to travel internationally. Some rental companies facilitate you with GPS to remain on the right track.

Choose Whichever Car you Like

Rental companies offer a variety of selections that range from compact cars to luxury cars. You can choose whichever you want according to your need and budget.

In which Situations might your application be Declined?

Car rental companies have the right to deny to provide you with any services for the following reasons:

If your license has been expired, suspended, invalidated, or nullified.

Being reported for violating the rules in the past 24 months.

More than two accidents in the last thirty-six months

In case you were reported for rash driving in the past 48 months.

If you were caught driving under the influence of alcohol or any other drug in the past 48 months.

The possession of robbed or stolen vehicle or the use of it for a crime will also nullify your application.

In case of meeting an accident and leaving the scene without reporting it to the officials in the past 36 months.

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