Nylon Calculus: Finding the saltiest NBA fanbase by analyzing over 400,000 Reddit posts


Which fanbases are the most insufferable? On the other hand, which fanbases suffer the most? Which fanbases find the most joy in their team, and which fanbases simply don’t care? Of course, we know the stereotypes: Lakers fans are fickle, expecting constant success. On the other hand, fans of the Cleveland Cavs are still riding the high from 2016, an ecstasy nobody can take away. Sacramento Kings fans are dead inside, hoping to be spared from another season of agony. However, are these true? To answer these questions, I collected and analyzed message-board data from Reddit – the popular discussion platform, which houses an online community, or "subreddit", for every NBA team. These communities discuss each game in "Post Game" discussion threads. My analyses focused on whether word usage within these threads (2017-2021) was positive or negative. The average level of positivity vs. negativity — often referred to as the "valence" — was scored using VADER, a language processing tool designed for online settings. Rugby enthusiasts and the like are now scouting on where to watch the rugby world cup live, delayed but high-quality videos, through satellite feeds, cable, freeview box, broadband, or online with a laptop or pc.