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Hasan Minhaj considered becoming ‘extreme minority owner’ of Kings

The Northern California native pondered becoming a part-owner of the Kings.

Apple TV+’s “The Morning Show” Photo Call Photo by Leon Bennett/WireImage

As far as locals go, Davis native and comedian Hasan Minhaj has done his part in putting Sacramento on the map. Be it his son’s Sacramento Kings themed first birthday party or his homage to Northern California in his stand-up specials one things hold true, the city claims the King’s Jester as one of the team’s few reputable celebrity fans.

Minhaj recently joined Andrew Santino on the Ginger Whiskey podcast and divulged that he once considered a larger role with the team; somewhere between an elevated fan and a self-described “extreme minority owner”:

“I was actually considering trying to join the ownership group,” Minhaj told Andrew Santino. “Then I looked into it and was like ‘this is insane.’ I was actually talking to the team like ‘Hey, I would like to be an extreme minority owner’, but then I thought wait a second - if anything goes wrong I’m just going to open up my phone and everyone’s going to be like What the fuck?

Minhaj spoke highly of the Downtown Commons, Sacramento’s renovated space outside Golden 1 Center and the work the city has done to give the team’s identity a facelift. Recruiting other Sacramento natives is his next endeavor, as the comedian lobbied for Sacramento State University alumni Tom Hanks to join him court side next season.

So why doesn’t Minhaj stake his claim in the Kingdom? Simply put: the blowback from poor decisions isn’t worth the perks of joining.

“Right now management is constantly under fire. It’s not a money-making move. My intention is I just want to bring pride back to the city.”

Sacramento’s front office has an opening with the recent parting of Joe Dumars, so if Minhaj is looking for a day job, the Kings might have him covered.