Richaun hails from Bowling Green University. Not many guys make the NBA circles from that school and very few of them are good guys. Antonio Daniels, Howard Comives, Al Bianchi make the list. And the only one that was much better than Richaun was Nate Thurmond.

And then there is the guy who played lacrosse at B.G. and made it to the NBA as a member of the media. I’m talking about the know-it-all toxic racially unaware bigot named Grant Harrington Napear who earned the nickname "Peaches" when Sactown Royalty poked fun at him by producing and selling T-shirts with Grant’s face on them with the caption of PEACHES. All the proceeds from the shirt sales went to a charity to benefit animals in need. But Napear threatened to sue and so ruined the charitable venture because he could never stand to hear anyone besides himself make a joke. He was also a toxic shock jock radio personality on a local radio station who would go off on callers who had a take different from his own. He loved to call callers morons. Doug Christie was his King’s radio co-host and also his color commentator on the TV broadcasts. Several times Doug told Napear about his experiences as a player in the NBA about being racially discriminated against. Grant was always surprised at Doug’s revelations but never realized that Doug was not the only black player to so suffer. And so Napear fell right into DeMarcus Cousin’s bait when asked his take on BLM. He appropriately got fired from the radio station and promptly resigned his broadcast job. But rather than apologize he let his racist views out of the closet. He even called Christie a coward despite Doug commenting that he felt bad for his friend.

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