Vin Scully and Chick Hearn were the Best

Both of these iconic legends from Los Angeles are now gone with Scully just passing this week.

Vin Scully could weave a story and needed no color person in the booth with him. His recall of facts and trivia were just awesome. I can still hear his melodic voice.

Chick Hearn was the best basketball commentator ever. He coined so many phrases that are in use by all current broadcasters. He had some good sidekicks too, most notably Hot Rod Hundly

Sacramento should be so lucky. Of course, no one could expect a Rivercats announcer to be so good. The Bay area has had it's share of great voices for the A's and Giants, but none compare the Vin Scully.

But the Sacramento Kings announcers can certainly be compared with Hearn, but they don't reach his standard. The current team of Mark Jones and Kyle Draper do not come close, and neither one was home grown. Grant Napear was the only other announcer for the Kings after the move to Sacramento. (Although Gary Gerould has handled the radio end forever). And after so many years of embarrassing the franchise Grant (Peaches) Napear resigned in shame after getting fired by radio station KHTK 1140 for a racially uncouth reply to DeMarcus Cousins question, "How do you feel about BLM"? Cousins was known for taking a charge on the court, but that one was the greatest charge taken in his career. It ridded Grant (don't call him Napes) from the airwaves for good and relegated him to a shitty little podcast in the Miami area.

There is one broadcaster in the Sacramento Kings history that deserves reverence. I'm talking about Jerry Reynolds. Jerry was so good that he even made Peaches Naper almost palatable. I would have loved to have heard him sidekick Chick Hearn. But Jerry is still kicking, and even reprised his role in a recent game when the broadcast booth was in need.

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