Kings Need New Forwards

The Kings defense is about as bad as you can get. Perhaps one reason (and there are multiple which I can get into about Fox) is that the Kings right now have Murray and Barnes as their forwards. The problem is that these guys are virtually like the same player. They are both suited to be shooting forwards, they are both bad defenders, and they give you about 14 pts, 3 rebounds, half a block and like 1 assist a game. This is a recipe for a terrible front court.

The Kings need to get rid of one or both of these guys and put in guys who can lockdown bigs in the post and get rebounds and blocks. The Kings have enough offense from Fox, Sabonis, and Huerter in the starting lineup to still have a good offense with defensive oriented forwards. Even though I think Keegan Murray has potential moving forward with his 3 pt ability he is going to have to block, steal and rebound more in order for the Kings to not be so terrible on defense. Right now the Kings basically have like 1 guy on the team that is capable of getting rebounds and this is not going to cut it.

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