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30Q: Will the Kings make a major trade?

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Looming in the background of every season is the potential for a major trade by Geoff Petrie. Will we get one this season?

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Aykis has run through previewing each player on the team, and we've all discussed plenty of off-court issues that the Kings and Kings fans face this season. We haven't yet discussed what may happen -- what is surely to be rumored, at the very least -- to change the equation on the court. The Kings are always in the rumor mill to make a big trade, even if it only occasionally happens. So let's look at the possible rumors we'll be discussing around midseason.


Without question, whether he thrives or struggles, Evans will be mentioned in trade rumors. He's up for a contract next summer, the Maloofs are broke. Ergo: he's in play. There's also the matter of his fit or non-fit in Sacramento and with Keith Smart, and the Kings' need for a top-line small forward in lieu of an average or above-average shooting guard. The question is really what type of players other teams will make available for Tyreke. That, plus Evans' adjustment to the new world order this season, should tell the tale.


It looks like Jimmer enters training camp fifth on the depth chart at guard, behind Evans, Isaiah Thomas, Aaron Brooks and Marcus Thornton. Unless he beats out a couple of those guys (?!) quickly, he appears likely to be bench-bound much of the early season. That will command trade rumors.


What if Thomas Robinson blasts out of the gates and Chuck Hayes reverts back to form? Thompson's deal was reasonable, and there's a chance a team desperate for big man help could pull the trigger on a solid young power forward like JT. For the Kings, they could pick up assets while clearing T-Rob's path and not devaluing J.T. It's something to keep an eye on as the season develops.

Only three other players -- T-Rob, Isaiah and DeMarcus Cousins -- have legit value. None of those guys is getting traded at midseason. The other players could certainly be involved in trades, but I would doubt that the Kings would get anything exciting for them.