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Justin James was a rare bright spot in an ugly loss to the Nets

Get on the bandwagon early.

The Kings shouldn’t fix Milwaukee’s mistake, they should learn from it

The eLukaphant in the room

Ok fine, let’s talk about Luka

The Kings are stepping up without their two stars

No De’Aaron Fox, no Marvin Bagley, but the Kings have been impressive.

Royal Roundtable: 10 Thoughts After 10 Games

The crew shares some feelings after the tumultuous start to the season.

Bogdan Bogdanovic is the key to the Kings’ success without De’Aaron Fox

The Kings need Bogi now more than ever.

Maybe Luke Walton doesn’t suck

The Kings have been playing much better as of late. How much credit does Luke Walton deserve?

What will the Kings look like when Marvin Bagley returns?

Bagley should be back in a few weeks. What happens then?

A moment of appreciation for Harrison Barnes

Barnes has been a steadying force for the Kings.

I’m still baffled by the decision to decline Harry Giles’ option

A week later, it still doesn’t make any more sense.

The Kings are the Elephant in the Room

At a certain point this franchise is the biggest problem

Searching for positives in a winless start for Sacramento

There’s nowhere to go but up. We hope.

The rematch with Utah looms as a very important game

Can the Kings regain respectability?

Buddy Hield’s contract is a win-win

Breaking down the details of Buddy’s new deal

On Buddy, Briefly

The Kings hold every opportunity to keep Buddy Hield long-term

Afraid that Buddy Hield’s destined for another team? Fear not, math is here!

Kings land 10th in Zach Lowe’s annual League Pass rankings

The Kings are fun to watch!

Kings show improvements on defense, but there is more work to be done

Defense has been the team's focus this preseason.

Tall Tales

Let’s do a very serious investigation about a very silly thing.

Preseason losses – time to panic?

Pipe. The. Balls. Down.

Royal Roundtable: Overreacting to one preseason game

A few members of the staff share their thoughts.

Nemanja Bjelica’s skills need to shine off the bench

Assuming a move to the bench, Bjelica holds a critical role

That Guy Whose Ankles Beno Udrih Shattered Turns 41 Today

I can’t imagine a better day to think about Beno Udrih than this day, August 23rd.

Could the Kings benefit from Tyler Lydon’s shooting?

The big man’s best skill is his range and it could be useful if he makes the team.

Getting the best out of Barnes

Harrison Barnes has looked like two different players on two different teams. Which version are the Kings getting?

What’s the REAL reason De’Aaron Fox withdrew from Team USA?

A very serious Sactown Royalty investigation

The Kings have numerous lineup possibilities

So. Many. Lineups.

Marvin Bagley and Dewayne Dedmon can become a dangerous offensive duo

Dewayne Dedmon’s offensive skillset pairs well with the second year big

The revamped small forward position in Sacramento

The Kings are situated at small forward much better than last season and that benefits the versatility of the team.

Kings big men should get on a roll early

Dewayne Dedmon and Richaun Holmes excelled as roll men last season.

The intriguing dilemma surrounding Yogi Ferrell

Projected as the third point guard, should Yogi be used as more than an emergency plan?

Should the Kings give Carmelo Anthony a shot?

An in-depth analysis.