This would be a VERY happy day (NBA Lottery)


Ran the ESPN Lottery machine. Kings jumped to #2. Lakers dropped to #6 and lost their pick. This is also the catalyst for something known as the NBA Doomsday Scenario. In the NBADS, Adam Silver has stated he has retained the right to call a mulligan if the Kings jump in the lottery and the Lakers fall out of the top 5, losing their pick.

Spider Solitaire Kings


Like Spider Solitaire, it's just so hard to win. But always excited to try it all over again. Make it bigger she says.

Devolution of the Glory-Era Kings


A detailed flowchart of how the 2002 Kings Starting Lineup fell apart over the years.

Tickets for Kings Vs Bucks 12/18


Anybody interested in my two Kings ticket against Milwaukee Bucks on Thursday, December 18, 2014 7:00PM? My pre-schooler has a Christmas concert at her school so I can't go. Section 101 Row R Seat 15, 16 plus 1 car parking pass $160.00 Thanks,

Kings Ugly Christmas Sweaters


Nik, Ben, Ray, and JT rocking the latest in ugly sweater fashion... #BreakTheInternet

New Jersey Mock Up


Didnt know the thread closed comments after a certain amount of time. Anyone like? Player Tracking Data Renews My Interest in Ekpe Udoh


I delved a bit into the analytics available on and was surprised to see that Udoh was top 15 in Opp FGP at the Rim (Filtered by BLK>1.0). While a trade for a defensive minded stretch 4 is ideal, Udoh could be a great stop gap for the nest 1-2 years.