Sim Bhullar is a big, big man


DeMarcus Cousins looks tiny in comparison to the 7'5, 360 lb rookie. (Picture via Vivek Ranadivé's Twitter)

Best Beer Pong Table Ever


Courtesy of @frawgboy on Twitter

High Res Kings Background


Made a Kings Wallpaper check it out free for use and share 2,266 x 1,274 Taking Requests

ICYMI: Silver Knocks Out Sterling in the 1st Round


Not Kings, but big for basketball, and humanity, in general! Way to go sterling. This justs was the first step in his legacy.

Isaiah's pretty consistent


Was worried he wouldn't make it again this year after being at .576 during the injury but he came back the final two games and made it happen!

How long is each minute of an NBA game?


It's not super detailed, but it's a little bit interesting. via Deadspin.

Vlade and Sactown Royalty


The Sactown Royalty group took a pretty cool picture with Vlade before Kings-Spurs. Click here for the large image. Thanks to Jason Wise for the excellent picture!

Does anyone happen to have an extra ticket to tomorrow Kings game vs. Spurs?


I have 12 tickets to tomorrow's game for my family, but one of my cousin wants to go too and I can't find anything near my seating and the ticket price of what's available is kind of out of my budget. Let me know if anyone has anything extra or would like to sell for a reasonable price to another longtime Kings fan. Our seats are in Section 224 Row R and S. I have couple seats in Row N as well. I won the tickets through Kings Pepsi Deal. I thought of showing a live NBA game to my uncle's and cousins who've never seen this kind of action in their life. I was able to find a seat very close to our seating, but the person is selling 2 tickets and I don't have anyone else who would like to go. Please reply back if someone has anything available. Thank You so much for your time and effort. Go Kings!

Boogie Claus is coming to town


It's exactly what you think it is.

Sacramento's Mt. Rushmore


Presidents are cool but Sacramento has its own Mt. Rushmore