The fate of other #2 Picks not named KD


Bagley is going down a dark path to irrelevancy... pls trade him while he has value, the team is better off without him

r/Kings on STR


We are roundly criticized. Occasionally people make good points. Everyone there hates our baby giraffe, but we love him.

Tough Love for Buddy


Walton wants Buddy to learn to stay in front of his man, says they "won’t hide him out there."

The Kings must stop holding De’Aaron Fox back


Apparently, it's not only Kings fans that think what's going on is spectacularly dumb. Please feel free to delete if article is front-paged.

SB Nation NBA Bloggers' Statement on Recent Layoffs


Courtesy of the folks at Detroit Bad Boys, I'm hoping this statement appears above the fold on every SBN NBA Blog. It's that good.

Willie Keeps Bumping His Gums...


I guess WCS really didn't like his time in Sac.