Kings targeting Vucevic?


Multiple folks in the local Sacramento media have claimed that the Kings have serious interest in maxing Nikola Vucevic. Have you heard the same? Sam Amick: @Tim M. I know he’s a target, and I know that it will likely require the max. So, I suppose that’s a confirmation. And thanks for joining me, Tim. – via The Athletic

Tbe Athletic - Sam Amick

Life is hell


Aspergers is hell sometimes i would rather be dead.

Inner torment

Looks like Vivek isn't the only one to drop the Steph-Bomb


Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson, when presenting Hield with the Oscar Robertson Player of the Year award, said he thought Hield had a more-rounded game than Curry. "I don’t think any of these players can guard him, just like Steph Curry, they can’t guard him," Robertson said. "Plus, [Hield] can go inside and he can rebound. It means a lot also other than being [a shooter], he’s a great basketball player."

Jordan Farmar Re-signing


You know it's a slow day when you hope to see this officially happen lol

You know it's a slow day when you hope to see this officially happen lol

Golden 1 Center Season ticket holder open house


Golden 1 Center is great! However there aren't cup holders at least in the upper level. First insider information, heard it here first haha.


Karl thinks things are fine other than the single biggest measure of success


Karl believes Kings are fine, thinks they've lost to good or hot teams: "I don’t think we’re in a bad spot other than we’re losing games."

Jason Jones, Sacramento Bee

Kings looking to trade Rudy?


The Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Pelicans are two of several teams that have aggressively worked the phones. The Kings called the Pelicans and offered Gay for Anderson, league sources tell SheridanHoops.

Zach Lowe predicts tension among Kings'owners


Tension Emerges Among the Owners in Sacramento: The franchise’s minority owners have been having pointed conversations over the last few months about Vivek Ranadivé’s stewardship, per league sources, but they are powerless to do anything under the franchise’s governing documents — unless Ranadivé accepts an offer to sell his controlling stake. If the Kings continue to be unstable, look for some of this noise to become public.

Kings/Sixers trade details ... oof.


Some details on Kings-SIxers trade -- Sac gives a 1st two years after sending one to Chicago, protected 1-10 in 2018 & unprotected in 2019. Sac also gets three trade exceptions -- $6.5M, $6.43M and $2.87M.

Ellis to Pacers


Chris Broussard: Sources: Monta Ellis agrees to 4-year deal with Indiana