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Old School

Vlade Divac to be inducted in Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame tonight

Congratulations Vlade!

31 Summers of Kings Fandom - The Vivekoning

(For Better and For Worse)

The Kings of Summer, Part V - Limbo: How low can you go?

The Kings continue their slide down the side of the NBA mountain.

The Kings of Summer, Part IV - Great While it Lasted

Part four of our series includes the best of times for the Kings and their fans, as well as the beginning of the end.

The Kings of Summer - Part III (It’s Starting to Get Good)

Our continuing series on the summertime dealings history of your Sacramento Kings. Spoiler alert: Chris Webber decides to play here.

The Kings of Summer, Part II

Our look back on the Kings summers of yesteryear continues

Adelman deserves recognition in new arena

Rick Adelman is just as deserving as any player of permanent recognition

The Kings of Summer

Part 1 of our series, as we explore the summers past for your Sacramento Kings. How did we get to where we are today? Look to the past! Where are we going? Don't look back!

4 Hours of Classic J-Will Highlights

Almost 20 years later and J-Will highlights still give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Kings vs. Rockets Fan Predictions

It's Prediction Time!

The arena lost its way, not its personality

The Sacramento Kings will play their final game as a franchise inside the walls of Sleep Train Arena on Saturday. The 28-year old facility may be outdated, but it makes up for it in personality.

Featured Fanshot

2002 Kings vs. 2015 Warriors

Vlade Divac joined Carmichael Dave on Friday with one of the questions being how Divac's Kings teams would have done against today's Warriors.

Featured Fanshot

Reminder: Mike Bibby was an incredible shooter

Sometimes it's easy to forget just how good Mike Bibby was as a Sacramento King. Here's a nice reminder, courtesy of the Kings YouTube.

The Ghost of Lottery Present: More bad luck

Much of Sacramento's current woes can be traced to recent mistakes and bad luck in the draft.

The Ghost of Lottery Past: The Early Years

The Kings and the lottery are bitter old enemies.

Featured Fanshot

Devolution of the Glory-Era Kings

Remembering Chris Webber and Mike Bibby

While it is never argued that Chris Webber and Vlade Divac were the MVP's of the Kings' "Glory Years", Chris Webber along with his other partner, Mike Bibby should not be overlooked.

Sacramento Kings All-Time Top 10: Point Guards!

Bibby, Theus, Williams or Orien Greene? One of these guys will be anointed the #1 Sacramento Kings point guard of all-time!

Sacramento Kings All-Time Top 10: Shooting Guards

Sactown Royalty looks at the top 10 shooting guards in Sacramento Kings history. Spoiler alert: Mitch Richmond is #1. But 2-10 is up for grabs, and the guys left outside looking in may have a gripe.

Sacramento Kings All-Time Top Ten: Small Forwards

On Peja, on Ron-Ron, on Rudy and Omri. On Corliss, on Hedo, on Andres and Donté! It's top 10 all-time small forward day.

Sacramento Kings All-Time Top 10: Power Forwards

It's Power Forward day! Wither Chris Webber? Wherefore Jason Thompson? Why Kenny Thomas?

Sacramento Kings All-Time Top 10: Centers

The first of our five part series, ranking the top ten Sacramento Kings players at each position. Today: Centers.

The All-Time Draft Final Thoughts and Vote!

It's time to pick a winner of the Sacramento Kings All-Time Draft!

The Sacramento Kings All-Time Draft: Final Rounds

In which Brad starts making players up.

The Sacramento Kings All-Time Draft: Rounds 3 & 4

With the first two rounds of the All-Time draft out of the way, the draft heads into murky waters.

The Sacramento Kings All-Time Draft

We are going to be drafting the best teams we can using only players that have put on a Sacramento Kings uniform. Trust us, it's a lot harder than it sounds.

Learning to appreciate Mitch Richmond

I didn't appreciate Mitch Richmond enough while he was in Sacramento, but that's changed with time.

Remembering Mitch Richmond for Chris Webber

16 years ago the biggest trade in franchise history went down. How did the media react when it did? We scoured through some articles regarding that trade, and even got some insight from Jerry Reynolds.

Revisiting the 2002 Western Conference Finals

The Kings-Lakers series was one of the best series of all time and an all-time heartbreaker for Kings fans.

Important StR member poll!!!

About that Jimmer jersey...

The most hyped Kings player transactions, 1985-98

A trip down memory lane to look at the most hyped trades and draft picks of the Kings first 14 years in Sacramento.

Richmond is a 2013 Hall of Fame Finalist

Richmond would be the first prominent Sacramento King elected to the Hall of Fame if he ends up being inducted.