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The Sactown Royalty Show, the official podcast of Sactown Royalty.

STR Show #138: Breaking down the Phoenix Suns, and Ayton vs. Doncic with Dave King

Let’s talk Phoenix Suns.

STR Show #137: The Luka Doncic Podcast With Euroleague Insider Rob Scott

Let’s talk Luka, shall we?

Post-lottery podcast roundup

All the analysis your ears can handle

StR Show #136: Emergency NBA Draft lottery podcast with Bryant West and Tim Maxwell


StR Show #135: March Madness review and Kings draft talk with Bryant West

The NBA Draft is coming.

StR Show #134: Tank talk, Buddy Hield’s development, and more!

Jill Adge returns to the podcast to discuss... some things!

StR Show #133: Kings Trade Deadline Recap With Greg Wissinger

The Kings did some stuff. Was it good stuff? We’ll see.

StR Show #132: Trade deadline preview and Kings youth talk with Bryant West

StR Show 131: Jill Adge returns to help us break down the Kings’ new youth movement

Dave Joerger has finally flipped the youth movement switch.

StR Show #130: George Hill rumors, De'Aaron Fox vs. Frank Mason, and more with Jill Adge

It’s a podcast, for you!

Jill Adge returns to talk Lonzo Ball vs. De’Aaron Fox in a special Thanksgiving edition of the StR Show

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

STR Show #128: Greg Wissinger returns to discuss all the latest Kings news and notes

It’s going to be a looooooooong season, folks.

STR Show #127: Discussing the Kings’ early-season struggles with Jill Adge

Is it too early to panic? Probably. Maybe?

STR Show #126: Reviewing The First Week Of The 2017-18 Sacramento Kings Season

Omer Khan and Brad Geiser joined me on the podcast this week, and it went some places.

StR Show #125: First Impressions From The Kings' Preseason Games Thus Far


StR Show #124: Recapping the first week of Kings training camp, and answering more questions!

The 2017-18 NBA season is finally here!

STR Show 123: 13 Important Kings Questions Heading Into The 2017-18 Season

A wild Sactown Royalty Show has appeared!

STR Show #122: Talking Kings Season Win Total, Dave Joerger, And More With Akis Yerocostas

There is Kings news this week, so we Casted Pod about it.

Limited Upside Podcast: 2017-18 Sacramento Kings Preview

Come for the Kings talk, stay for the banana boat.

STR Show #121: Zach Randolph’s arrest and other Kings nonsense with Tim Maxwell and Brad Geiser

Was the first new-era three-man Sactown Royalty Show a disaster? You be the judge.

STR Show #120: NBA photography and Kings talk with Kimani Okearah

StR’s own Kimani Okearah joins the podcast to discuss his work as a Sacramento Kings photographer.

STR Show #119: Replacing Scott Perry, and other notes from free agency

A wild STR Show appears!

StR Show #118: Kings 2017 Vegas Summer League Recap Extravaganza

StR’s own Will Griffith joins the show to give his live report from Vegas Summer League.

StR Show #117: New beginnings, and free agency talk with Brad Geiser

A wild podcast appears!

The StR Show: Draft Recap with Bryant West

Let’s talk about that draft!

The Sactown Royalty Show: NBA Draft talk with Bryant West

We talk all things draft!

Ask the Sactown Royalty Show

The podcast will return this week to answer your questions

The Sactown Royalty Show: Ep 113 Deuce Mason returns again

Deuce is back to discuss the Kings’ recent road trip

The Sactown Royalty Show Ep 112: Carmichael Dave Returns

We talk Rudy, Boogie, and more

The Sactown Royalty Show: The Season So Far, with Tony Xypteras

We’re back, and we have a lot to discuss

The Sactown Royalty Show Ep 110: Jim Kozimor

Koz joins the show to talk about the Kings and their progress

The Sactown Royalty Show Ep 109: Season Preview with Section214

The Sactown Royalty Show preview the season