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Kings vs. Warriors video highlights

You'll notice that this highlight reel is necessarily shorter than previous preseason editions. As always, thanks to the team's Kingsflix service!

My favorite play is Tyreke Evans' spin move at 33 seconds. Based on a few preseason clips, he seems to be attacking well and keeping defenders off-balance. We'll see how frequently he runs the offense once the season starts and the rotations firm up.

You'll notice a distinct lack of DeMarcus Cousins highlights. Frankly, he should dominate the Warriors without Andrew Bogut, and I hope he will if the opportunity arises during the regular season. But this is the preseason, so ... you know, it doesn't count.

Aaron Brooks attacking the basket is also interesting to see. He's not as athletic as Isaiah Thomas, and though he's a little bigger, he's still relatively small for the NBA. Can he finish or draw fouls consistently without the Kings having much in the way of floor-balancing shooters? Remember: teams can pack the paint against Tyreke because the threat of him passing out to shooters is low. It's something to watch.