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Video: Sacramento Kings predictions for 2012-13

Our Greg Wissinger previews the 2012-13 Kings season in a Google+ Hangout with SB Nation's Seth Pollack.

Up above, Greg Wissinger previews the 2012-13 SACRAMENTO KINGS with help from SB Nation league manager Seth Pollack. Greg wanted me to let everyone know that he did the video while battling strep, that he passed out two hours after recording it and that he might actually be communicating with us from the afterlife. We aim to discern whether that's true in the coming days.

We've all talked about our expectations for the season, and ... well, none of us editors are talking about playoffs. Are we wrong? Have we been beaten down far too much to see real progress? Will we eat our hats (shout out to Cal Worthington) at season's end?

Be sure to check out what the other SB Nation bloggers are saying about their teams, too. And stay tuned for more awesome videos starring Greg. You can subscribe to Sactown Royalty's YouTube page to get those automatically delivered.