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Kings vs. Lakers highlights: Tyreke Evans steals the show

Both of the Kings' SportsCenter-worthy highlights against the Lakers on Wednesday feature Tyreke Evans.

Tyreke Evans may not be living up to expectations after a really solid first game this season, but he was stupendous on Wednesday as the Kings knocked the Lakers in the mouth. Evans finished with 16 points and 6 assists and had the play of the night with a block on Metta World Peace in the open court. It was indicative of how hard 'Reke played on defense. (Really, he has done that all season.)

Here's the play all by its lonesome, via kingsflix.

The other standout play of the night came on the Kings' best fast break, one that ended with DeMarcus Cousins going behind the back to a streaking 'Reke on the left wing.

The Lakers had four fast break points all night. The Kings had just 13, but kept a good pace from the second quarter on (with a few exceptions).

Needless to say, competitive games and good execution gets the crowd in Sacramento alive. We need more of this.