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Inside The Kings Draft War Room Part 2

Volume 2 of Grantland's behind-the-sceens NBA 3.0 piece, that takes us inside the Kings draft "War Room," came out today. And it's awesome!

Behind the Scenes of Draft 3.0

Want to see what the winners of the Kings Draft Challenge have been up to? Grantland has the exclusive video.

Cousins on Kimmel reading "Mean Tweets"

The Kings center pops up in late night once more as part of a bit where NBA players read aloud some of the mean tweets they get.

DeMarcus Cousins on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Kings big man plays Kimmel in a game of 1-on-1, but with a twist.

Watch Sign Lady's Hall Of Fame Acceptance Speech

The Sacramento King's #1 fan was inducted into the Hall of Fame today and her acceptance speech was PERFECTION.

Pete D'Alessandro talks about getting the 8th pick

DraftExpress was on site at the lottery yesterday, and they got this interview with Kings General Manager Pete D'Alessandro.

Off The Glass And Into History

Isaiah Thomas Sets Up Derrick Williams Off the Glass And Perfectly Encapsulates 2013-2014

Vivek Ranadivé To Appear On HBO's Real Sports

Kings fans, set your DVR's to stun!! Kings owner/part-time-super-hero Vivek Ranadivé, will be appearing on "HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" this week.

Derrick Williams with a vicious windmill dunk

A garbage time highlight.

DMC Is Campaigning For Your Vote One Fan At A Time

DeMarcus Cousins Is Campaigning For Your All Star Vote - One Fan At A Time! (Feat Vivek Ranadive, Kevin Johnson, and Pete D'Alessandro)

Big Cuz Gives Back In A Big Way

When you weren't looking DeMarcus was busy maturing. And, he's also been busy giving back to the community in a big way this holiday season. Because Its always nice to see some positive Cousins news... Boogie Claus is back y'all!!

Mrs. Fredette, Can Jimmer Come Out And Play?

It's probably awesome enough living down the street from the former NCAA Player of the Year and Sacramento Kings shooting guard… but imagine the bragging rights you'd have on the playground if you could say, "The Jimmer came over to play!!"

Santa Cuz Is Comin' To Town!

DeMarcus Cousins treated 100 Sacramento area children to a holiday shopping spree last night. Dressed in full Santa Cuz costume, the big man put smiles on the faces of a ton of kids, and showed he's anything but a Grinch.

Kings help local families on Thanksgiving

The NBA cares!

Drizzy wants the world to #VoteDMC

DeMarcus Cousins' camp has released the second episode of their Youtube series entitled #RealDMC. Demarcus takes all of his teammates to a Drake concert. Stick around until the end of the video to see which big man is getting Drizzy's All Star vote.

Get to know the #RealDMC

DeMarcus Cousins just released the first episode in a new Youtube series of videos aimed at giving fans an inside look at the "Real DMC."

VIDEO: Fans break noise record

Here's fan-shot video of Kings fans shattering the record on the first try.

Fallon/Gladwell talk Vivek Ranadivé on Late Night

Best selling author and INCREDIBLE public speaker, Malcolm Gladwell appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. They discussed his new book about underdogs and it's chapter on Vivek Ranadivé.

VIDEO: Full Kings pregame ceremony

Via our buddy Mike Prada, enjoy the Kings' pregame ceremony on News10.

McLemore & Patterson Prank Outlaw at Media Day

Travis Outlaw probably wasn't expecting to get posterized at Media Day.

Featured Fanshot

Ben McLemore: Rising Up

Can you say inspirational? Can't say he doesn't have a big motive, though.

15 minutes of Boogie highlights

It's apparently DMC Month at Boogietown Royalty, so enjoy!

Tyreke Evans Crosses Over the Mayor of Seattle

Is it too late to bring Tyreke back?

DeMarcus Cousins - Renaissance Man

Watch as DeMarcus leads a deep discussion on the works of William Shakespeare while Ricky Rubio does his best Salvador Dalí impression!

Notes from Game 1

Day 1 of the Kings' adventure at Vegas Summer League came and went. Notes!

Sacramento, Meet "Air" McLemore!

Is Ben McLemore secretly Michael Jordan in disguise? Sactown Royalty investigates. Sacramento, Meet "Air" McLemore!

Have a McLemore highlight reel!

In case you need help getting juiced for the Kings' new rookie ...

Sactown Royalty Show Episode Three: Aykis16

Akis joins me to talk about Thursday's NB draft, Tyreke Evans' restricted free agency, DeMarcus Cousins' request for a max contract, and more!

The Sactown Royalty Show Episode 2: Section214

Section214 joins us to discuss Pete D'Alessandro, Chris Mullin, and the NBA Draft.

The Sactown Royalty Show, Episode One

We did it! We made a podcast! We apologize in advance!

SCVB's new ad: 'We did it!'

In celebration of the NBA's decision to keep the Kings in Sacramento, the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau produces :30 commercial spot titled "We Did It."

"Good Luck", David Kahn

Reports indicate that David Kahn was fired by the Minnesota Timberwolves. We at Sactown Royalty would like to wish Kahn "good luck".